Frequently Asked Questions


What is The Ascender?

The Ascender is the only full-size premium folding electric guitar on the market, perfect for travel.  For air travel, it can slip into a standard size backpack and fit underneath the airline seat in front of you.  For motorcycle travel, it can fit in our Ciari Road Rig™ - the first ever saddle bag or trunk with a built-in guitar amp.

How does The Ascender work?

A concealed lever unlocks this hinge and releases the tension on the strings so that they gently follow the fold and remain safely in their individual grooves during transit. When ready to play, just unfold the guitar and lock the hinge back in place.  All you need is a top off tune and you’re ready to rock.

What is the point of the grooves on the neck?

The V-grooves give the Ascender a unique elegant string management system, keeping the strings safely in place under light tension (approximately 3 lbs) when the neck folds and nests within a recess in the back of the body.

Do the V-grooves impact string bending?

No.  With standard bending techniques, the strings ride the frets and aren’t pushed down far enough to actually touch the fingerboard.   

Does folding the neck damage the strings?

No. When you release the lever, the string tension drops from 110 lbs. down to just 3 lbs., which enables the strings into the grooves as the neck folds for elegant string management and kink-free string performance when deployed for play.  

How much does the Ascender weigh?

The Ascender is a full-size, 22-fret, 24 ¾” scale with a standard weight of 8.5 lbs. – a typical weight of many premium electric guitars.

What’s the electronics set up with the Ascender?

The Ascender offers a wide variety of tonal options with independently adjustable controls for both the bridge pick-up and the neck pick-up, including stacked tone and volume controls and a coil-split switch for each pick-up.  All built around quality pick-ups, such as Seymour Duncan ‘59s. 

Where can I buy an Ascender and how much does it cost?

The Ascender is available exclusively online at Prices start at $2,999 and you can reserve one of our first 100 Ascenders (forming part of our Founders Build Pre-Sale currently underway) for a down payment of only $500.  We will offer financing for the final balance or you can simply pay in full before final delivery.

Isn’t there already a folding guitar out there?

Yes, but the Ascender is the only premium folding guitar with gig-ready, pro-play quality.  The Ascender’s unique mid-neck folding provides the shortest travel size of any guitar on the market (a mere 18.5”!), which allows convenient storage “under seat” during air travel or “saddlebag/trunk” for motorcycle travel.   The Ascender also boasts elegant string management where the strings “fold the fold” under light tension in the folded state.

Are there going to be lefties? A folding bass? A folding acoustic?

Yes, Yes, and Yes!  We have amazing plans for the future… you can expect big things from Ciari!